I have a plight.
My angel has dashed a pain in my heart,
The spare has made me lift my hat,
I thought of it upon my bed,
And all day it kept me held.
My angel desires to be great,
She knows what is good and despicable,
Yet she chose to open-stare as she walked upon the path undesired.
My angel wants to be great,
Yet dwarfs are her admirers.
She desires to marry Mr. Great,
Yet she’s infatuated with Mr. Loss’ luxuries,
Though my angel is well mannered and learned,
She has all the manual she needs.
Before her is a book always open,
she has the gift of life in her hands,
But then she longs after death in the depth of the dungeon and she doesn’t know,
Who will save my angel from the root of hell?
Who shall make her devote herself to purpose?
When she ought to beacon for difference,
She’s made food for worms!
Flies that runs from her now kiss her lips,
Her sharp sword is blunted and her edges are cracking….
I have prayed out my strength but her translation demands her sacrifice,
And her sacrifice her commitment, yet this commitment she never wants to know.

Published by Abiola J. Omosaye

My name is Abiola J. Omosaye, a Nigerian, an in-depth lover of self-reflection and I also love living in my head a lot, even so, I love meeting new people and making interesting friends, and looking for how I can help in my own ways. I believe these are necessary for growth. My ideology stays in making friends my network and this platform exists not just for myself alone but for some others like me who believes in the power of retrospection and introspection. Come, let us think together, share our stories together and build each other!

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